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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

RTML Ship-weight as a sequence, removing parenthesis

Another post on the forums about the ship-weight variable, and why TEXT @ship-weight will output something like this: (1.0)

Ship weight, for whatever reason, is actually a sequence (in general, if something outputs parens, it's a sequence - try TEXT @contents or TEXT @price). I think they were going to build in a feature where, similar to prices, you could have different weights for bulk packages? I'm not sure - maybe it even works. Anyway, the PAT-SUBST command (which uses Regular Expressions) works perfectly; another means to achieve the same end is using ELEMENT:
TEXT ELEMENT position 0
             sequence @ship-weight
Nothing too fancy, but I was sick yesterday and had to take a half day and I'm still not feeling up to speed - January is the worst!


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