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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My Cat's Name...is Maceo

For real, it is. Originally, he was Sadie, but that was before we found out he should be named Maceo instead. Hey, when they're kittens, it's hard to tell!

He's starting to grow up and I have a whole ton of pictures of him, but here are a quick few to show to friends and family.

His name comes from a few places, specifically James Brown horn player Maceo Parker, and the song he inspired by Janes Addiction [2,3]. I find the lyrics [1] to be simple, beautiful, and soothing. My favorite:
My cat's name is Maceo
He's a little man in a cat's body
Well he yawns just like I do
He's convinced that I won't eat him


[1] Lyrics
[2] Detailed Song Info
[3] Jane's Addiction Home Page


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