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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Google Talk Beta Released!

Google Talk Information

With the release of the new Google Desktop Search and incredible Sidebar feature, Google seems to be taking on another area of the home computer software market. This time, they're taking on the Instant Message clients. Can Google talk the talk (ha, I made a pun)? If Gmail and Desktop Search are any indication, I have to say emphatically YES!

And tonight, it finally happened, and I couldn't be more excited. Google Talk was soft-released last night, meaning I can't find a link to it anywhere on Google, but my friend has been trying http://talk.google.com for a day or two, and it finally goes somewhere.

Here are some details for anyone who would like to preview it, but I urge you - stop previewing and start using it! Here are some immediate features I notice - screenshot references in [brackets]. The rumor mills are gossiping about all the possible features, but I won't get into that yet. For now, here's what I've seen in my first hour of testing.

Google Talk Features

  • Unbelievably fast loading
  • Clean, attractive interface [1]
  • Stacking of multiple open IM windows [4]
  • Collapsible interface similar to Gmail [3, 5]
  • Does not repeat senders name when sending concurrent IMs [2]
  • Automatically expands typing area as text expands [2]
  • Quick "Call" and "Email" functionality built-in [2, 8, 9]
  • Attractive, stacking notification windows [6, 7, 8]
  • Stacks can be separated and grouped! [10]
  • Systray icon blinks when new IM received
  • Taskbar and Window Title Bar show "is typing" message [3]
  • Allows signons from multiple locations with the same screen name [11], but only sends new IMs to the active one. Could be a bug, could be intentional. I like it.

Tips, Tricks and Easter Eggs

  • Bold text by *surrounding with asterisks*
  • Italic text by _surrounding with underscores_ [1]
  • Add "wumpus.game@gmail.com" and type "Play" to play a fun game (this is a translation of the About box). [3]
  • Request a feature from Google


  • You convinced me - I'm installing it at home to give it a try. I don't use IM at home that much but Google haven't released OS X version yet :(

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:44 AM  

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