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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) User-Agent Spoof

Anyone using IE7 who is locked out of OrderMotion or any other applications that don't officially support IE7, here is how to get around it (thanks to MickeyMouse of Tech-Recipes.com for the original post):

IE7 User-agent Spoof for IE6
  1. Click Start
  2. Click Run
  3. In the textbox type regedit and click OK
  4. In the registry editor browse to the following key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Windows\ CurrentVersion\ Internet Settings\ 5.0\ User Agent]
  5. Click the Edit menu
  6. Select New
  7. Select String Value
  8. Name the string: version
  9. Right-click this new string
  10. Select Modify
  11. In the value data box, place this text: MSIE 6.0
  12. Click OK
  13. Close regedit and restart IE
Very special thanks to Justin Rattigan for emailing me the tip!


  • No sure why you are thanking Justin Rattigan for this tip. It's a direct copy off of tech-recipes.com. The steps are word-for-word copied.

    Poor form.


    (comment edited to remove backlink and replace with tinyurl)

    By Blogger Davak, at 9:37 PM  

  • Talk about jumping to conclusions Davak! So many paths to choose here...ignore post...delete post...edit post...reply to post...as I have nothing to hide, I'll go with "reply to post".

    Because Justin is the one who emailed me with the tip, dick. He didn't cite the page, he emailed us the instructions at work (because it's something that directly relates to Yahoo Stores, our industry) and it didn't have any URLs or anything in it.

    RELAX. Nobody is trying to sleight you.

    See, I have a full time job (see the featured developer on the Yahoo! Small Business Designer Directory page (left nav)? that's the programming team I'm in charge of), a real life outside the computer, a full garden to attend to, 6 ferrets and a cat, more hobbies than I know what to do with, and a fiancee to please, and don't have the entire day to sit at my computer researching every single thing I post about to cite every possible reference. Logically that's impossible, it would take forever (how many pages does Google alone spider?). How do you know the pages you link to on your blog aren't stealing their information from someone else? You don't, you assume that they are giving you good, fresh info and you want to spread that information, which is exactly what I did here.

    I post tips on things that I use in my life as a Yahoo Store developer and generally post them as I find them. I was emailed a tip without a reference, and I posted it because it helps the target demographic of my blog (Yahoo Store developers/owners). Re: the life mentioned above, I don't have time to play the "look up everything online" game before posting, I assume the person sending me a tip would cite it, or wrote it themselves. Even if I HAD researched it, your site doesn't show up on page 1, 2 or 3 of Google results for "ie7 user agent spoof", so I wouldn't have found it anyway.

    If the original poster of the tip sees one of my posts and wants credit for it, they can email me or post in my comments about it POLITELY AND WITHOUT JUDGEMENT (as I mean no malicious intent in ANY of my posts and am simply trying to spread information and tips) and I will EXTREMELY HAPPILY give them the credit they deserve as well as future promotion as often as possible for making my life easier.

    So, again, normally I would without hesitation provide an apology and an immediate link to anyone who alerts me that information on my site might be from theirs. Hell I normally don't even look into it, I just assume they're telling the truth and give up the link. You, however, are neither polite or non-judgemental and deserve nothing from me.

    Davak, the way I see it when you came across my page you had three choices.

    1. Ignore it and go on with your day (obviously a stupid choice).

    2. Email me (my contact information is VERY easy to find on my blog) and ask what the deal is (hmm...seems logical).

    3. Jump to conclusions and post on your blog and mine about what an asshole I am, etc.

    For someone who mentions "Poor form" as if you understand the difference, I can't believe you chose (3) instead of the nice/polite/friendly/professional/logical choice, (2).

    That, my friend, is true poor form.

    By Blogger steve, at 12:21 AM  

  • Also, now that I was made aware of him/her, Thank You to the original poster MickeyMouse, who deserves a linkback now that I know where it came from, but might not get it thanks to your friend Davak jumping to conclusions and acting like a child. I'm still deciding on my options.

    Anyway, thanks for the free traffic and next time maybe instead of jumping to conclusions you'll email someone POLITELY and say "Hey, you might not know but this information is from another site, here is the link" so the author can be properly credited, and maybe a new network of friends can even flourish from the exchange.

    When did everyone in this world become so unkind?

    By Blogger steve, at 12:33 AM  

  • I'd like to point out, Davak, that at the bottom of my post (as I do with any post that I didn't specifically make the instructions for myself), I thanked Justin because he provided me with the instructions to share. Had someone else (like your site) provided it to me, I would have linked to them instead (or concurrently). If I had any idea your site even existed, I would have linked to it, or most likely never have posted a whole tip in the first place, just a link to the site.

    Similarly, if you had emailed me with your concern, or been a little less of a dick in your comment on my blog, and NOT made some big public stink about it on your blog, I would have immediately added a link to your site (which I have never seen before in my life, thank you very much) with a "thanks!" and promoted your site in future posts as well. But, since you don't have a lick of professionalism or tact in you at all, that idea is right out the window.

    Also, I've left your post live on my blog so the world can see what you pulled and how rude it really was. People like you tend to cry wolf when they think they have an audience, and never retract or post an apology when they are completely wrong (as is the case here with your assumption of malicious intent when I have absolutely NOTHING to gain by not linking to your site).

    I doubt you will do the same courtesy for me and will probably remove my comments on your blogs right away, but I would expect that from someone like you so I can't be surprised. I WILL be amazed if I come back in two days and they're still there, but I'm not holding my breath.

    By Blogger steve, at 12:51 AM  

  • I've followed the link here from davak's site which is actually a pretty useful site, as opposed to yours. I'm surprised by your overreaction to his comment about your plagarism of his site (yeah, you didn't realize it at the time, but you do now, so you are at fault). Claiming that he is an asshole doesn't change that. I bet this post doesn't survive long on your site, either. Grow up.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:32 AM  

  • This is a brand new blog that I started less than a month ago, of course it's not as useful as a site that was registered in 2003. Great post buddy. This blog isn't for the whole internet community, this is for a specific segment, the Yahoo Store owners and operators.

    Yes, it may seem to you like I'm overreacting (I love how to someone like you, HIM jumping to the conclusion that I was trying to sleight him ISN'T overreacting - but me explaining my actions is). I'm sure my comments will piss off some people, too. Oh well - I'm not one to mince words. Anyone who knows me knows at least one thing about me - that I do not idly sit by and watch person A treat person B poorly. I will always jump in to defend person B (assuming their side is valid). Some see this as a character flaw, I see it as one of my strengths. Regardless, in this case I feel I am the unjustly attacked person B here.

    Knowing nothing about me and seeing no other instances of "mistaken post identity" or "post theft" on my site, he has no right to jump to the conclusion that I'm trying to maliciously deny his friend or whomever of anything. I have not slighted anyone on my blog in the past and do not plan to in the future. It's a complete asshole move of him to post on his blog that I'm "ripping him off" when a simple email to me FIRST would have cleared everything up. It was a dick move on his part. That's where I differ from most tech dorks. I'm a humanist, and as so I think all people should be treated with respect. He has no pre-existing problem with me and has never even spoken with me before, what right does he have jumping to conclusions and "calling me out" on his blog? He, like you, needs to learn basic human-to-human interaction, and etiquette. Again, a 10 second email could have cleared the whole thing up immediately.

    "(yeah, you didn't realize it at the time, but you do now, so you are at fault)"

    That doesn't make sense, how can I be at fault for something I knew nothing about? Just because I know about it now doesn't mean I can go back in time and do something about it in the past.

    I weighed the pros and cons of linking back to him after he made me aware of my VERY HONEST MISTAKE and his COMPLETELY unprofessional and asshole way of alerting me to it and my instinct says not to give him the link back (and the resultant traffic). But, after thinking about it in depth, I will go and add a cite to the original post on techrecipes from my original post, even though Davak doesn't deserve it, because MickeyMouse does. I'll just use TinyURL so he doesn't get any kind of true backlink. In this case, I feel the rights of MickeyMouse superscedes the negative shadow cast by Davak's choices, and have updated my post accordingly.

    I still stand by my reaction and my comments about Davak. I'm sure Davak is probably a wonderful, intelligent person in most cases. His/her site seems useful, too. But there are ways to handle things, and then there are ways to be a dick, and Davak chose the dick route instead of the civil route on this particular one. What's wrong with a 10 second email instead of a big post on what seems to be a popular site and mean, accusatory comments without getting any kind of back information first? This is a new blog, I don't need people besmirching my good name without getting the facts first. People are too quick to jump to conclusions and assume everyone else is an asshole like most these days...but I'm not, and I don't appreciate the assumption.

    It's akin to the eBay user who leaves negative feedback FIRST, THEN contacts the seller and realizes there was an honest mistake about it, such as UPS delaying the shipment, when they should have just contacted the seller in the FIRST place.

    Also I see you're just some anonymous sissy - at least Davak and I have the balls to make ourselves known while we debate. Of course your post is going to live long on my site, forever, in fact, because I have nothing to hide. Maybe your posts would actually mean something to someone if you didn't hide behind your monitor like a coward.

    By Blogger steve, at 1:38 AM  

  • Thanks for the credit to MickeyMouse. Good to hear that it was an honest mistake.

    By Blogger Davak, at 7:23 AM  

  • My pleasure, sorry for the misunderstanding and the inconsiderately worded posts on your blog, I have removed them.

    I was having a rough night and was not prepared to find accusations of wrongdoings on my blog (which is usually where i find solace from my rough nights). Maybe I should turn my rant into an off-topic post, it was long enough ;-)

    By Blogger steve, at 7:26 AM  

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