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Thursday, October 12, 2006


Well, it's been a while. The past 6 months have been life-changing, in a very good way. I don't have a lot of time right now, so I'll make it real easy:

  • Kris and I bought a house in Delaware. It's absolutely wonderful.
  • Kris and I got officially engaged. She's absolutely wonderful.
  • I got a very exciting (and well-paying) job that will (hopefully) set my mortgage woes at ease.
  • With this job and house I can finally get my German Shepherd.
So, there's my past few months in a nutshell. I haven't felt this happy and complete in quite some time. (ever, perhaps?) I start with the new company on Monday, and I'm very excited. I don't want to post any specifics about them until I find out the policy on things like blogs, but they're a very large (if you're in my industry you've probably heard of them) rich media company. It's a little bit of a commute, but it's going to be worth it, in my opinion.

And that's that. Packing and moving (we filled a 26' U-Haul truck and still had to rent another 16' one the next week) were hectic and looong, and I haven't been around the computer much for a few months. Luckily, this job is going to put me on a very normal schedule, so I'll be able to make time for blog posts much more often. Hopefully I'll be allowed to write about work; otherwise it's going to be boring to just about everyone but me.

Oh, and I took the plunge and set up my MySpace page, feel free to take a look. Now I feel like I have to go wash myself.


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